Workplace Investigations

At WhitesideLaw, we assist companies in meeting their legal obligations by conducting neutral investigations that are time-sensitive, unbiased, and thorough. The investigations are led by experienced an employment law attorney with years of experience in Massachusetts and federal laws governing the workplace.

Many of our clients have a workforce that includes employees who speak several different languages and who have dramatically different cultural and life experiences. We are able to navigate through this multi-lingual environment by retaining trusted translators who are certified in multiple languages to assist in conducting investigations.

We focus on an independent investigation so our clients can focus on their business.

WhitesideLaw has conducted countless independent investigations for large and small companies spanning a range of allegations of potential employee misconduct. We are committed to a neutral fact-finding process that takes into consideration the delicate needs of all concerned to arrive at a result our clients can rely on as a basis for making sound employment decisions.