Food Law

WhitesideLaw is able to advise your seafood business from ocean to plate. Every step in the process of bringing seafood to the consumer involves extensive regulatory compliance that requires experienced legal assistance to ensure success. To help you mitigate risk, respond to challenges, and capture opportunities in the global supply and distribution chain, WhitesideLaw offers insiders’ knowledge of harvesting, production, packaging and labeling, and worldwide distribution.

WhitesideLaw becomes part of your team providing personal service, combining regular contact and follow-through, with consistent legal counsel. WhitesideLaw regularly advises its clients on regulatory compliance issues with the ever-changing requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the European Commission and Member States authorities in the European Union (EU) and similar authorities throughout the world, by protecting and defending them in actions related to alleged violations. We advise our clients on labeling and advertising, recall procedures, quality assurance programs, and appropriate responses to consumer complaints and tampering incidents. We also vigorously defend our clients when threatened by unwarranted action by competitors or regulatory authorities. We also have substantial experience conducting “due diligence” audits of marketed products, labeling, advertising claims, and manufacturing operations, both for the clients’ internal control purposes and as part of product line or corporate acquisitions.

At WhitesideLaw, we value our clients’ concerns, which is why we work with them to develop customized solutions that are designed to fit their individual needs.

The seafood industry, more than any other, has developed an unique, time-sensitive complex supply chain that requires simultaneous attention to food safety and recalls, trademark and labeling requirements, and focus on extensive regulatory and compliance issues. WhitesideLaw works with its client to identify the potential risks, liabilities and opportunities at every step from ocean to plate. Our clients manage their inventories globally. We know the irreplaceable value of international air cargo space that is vital to ship fresh seafood overnight around the world. WhitesideLaw has developed a depth of specific knowledge unique to the seafood industry because our clients require a combination of business understanding, global regulatory knowledge and the ability to creatively solve issues through collateral means.

WhitesideLaw provides comprehensive legal services to companies that harvest, process, distribute, buy and sell seafood and the vital ancillary businesses that support the seafood industry. We represent third generation companies with well-known retail brands and solo start-ups. WhitesideLaw routinely advises clients on the intricacies of launching a new product that requires labeling compliance review; drafts and reviews co-packing agreements; and assists in the drafting and/or negotiation of a lease for new expansion space. We work with our client to negotiate terms that they feel comfortable with and, most importantly, terms that protect the interests of their business.