Government and Administrative Law

The Firm has experience successfully guiding our clients through evolving policy issues and the constantly changing regulatory landscape of trans-global trade. Our long history of involvement in Government and Administrative Law reflects the Firm’s recognition of the complexities inherent in the interaction with domestic and foreign government agencies.

Because of the power that regulatory agencies have over many businesses, the stakes in government litigation can go far beyond the particular issues in dispute. We understand these special challenges and opportunities that can arise in litigation against governmental agencies.

We have a wide range of experience litigating against federal and state agencies nationwide. This broad experience with government litigation matters includes regular appearances in trial and appellate courts, and before federal, state and local administrative agencies. We routinely achieve success in the heavily-regulated fields of Government and Administrative Law in complex regulatory disputes.

We represent a wide-range of clients before various federal, state and local administrative agencies, self-regulatory bodies, governmental commissions and political entities. This representation has included trials, evidentiary hearings, administrative appeals, public hearings, formal investigative examinations, and informal interviews. These matters have involved the preparation of letters, comments, legal briefs, and other written submissions, as well as providing public comments, examining witnesses, and making presentations.

For many years, WhitesideLaw has assisted clients in obtaining or retaining business and professional licenses, defending against administrative or quasi-criminal charges, and challenging or defending the licensing of various development projects.