WhitesideLaw understands the increased importance of vigilant data stewardship. The cybersecurity services we provide are tailored to meet our clients’ need to understand, mitigate and manage risk and liability. We do this by providing practical solutions that work, so our clients can focus on what they do best – successfully running their companies.

We counsel clients who are preparing for cybersecurity risks or responding to systems or data breaches once they occur. We help our clients protect and manage personal data, proprietary information and other cyber risk exposures.

We guide our clients in meeting their legal, regulatory and contractual obligations concerning the collection, use, transmission, storage and destruction of data and in mitigating the cybersecurity risks. We regularly develop document retention policies, information security plans, privacy policies, data breach plans, mobile workforce policies, privacy impact assessments, identity management systems and provide advice on the use of current encryption technologies

In the event of a security incident, we provide the requisite legal evaluation, guide forensic evaluations and, if necessary, prepare data breach responses and oversee remediation, as well as work with clients to prepare for and respond to inquiries from governmental agencies and affected individuals.

WhitesideLaw has long-standing relationships with insurance companies who need an experienced law firm they can trust to maintain privileged and confidential customer data. We also have substantial experience assisting companies with all facets of cybersecurity, including counseling clients through the important steps that must occur immediately after breach situations.

Although we have a history of calmly navigating the course of comprehensive crisis management plans we’ve developed, it is always our advice to thoroughly prepare for cybersecurity risks by analyzing potential weaknesses before they are exploited. Data breach prevention and risk management can be mitigated with effective strategies and action plans.

Our practical advice is based on industry-specific experience.

We understand and are familiar with the security and breach response requirements associated with special data types, such as personally identifiable information (PII) as defined by varying U.S. state and other laws, protected health information (PHI), payment card data, and information maintained by defense contractors and others in industries with specialized industry guidelines.

When our clients have been the victims of cyberattacks, we have been instrumental in helping them determine when and how to cooperate with government agencies during investigations.  We have decades-long relationships with law enforcement and governmental agencies, which is invaluable in successfully traversing the multi-layered interactions of federal and state government investigations and private litigation that increasingly accompanies cybersecurity incidents.